ZeroTier connects everything.

Our mission is to directly connect the world's devices.
All of them. Everywhere.
... and apps too.


Radical Simplicity

Networking is too complex. Developers and IT managers spend hours, days, even weeks fighting tangled "Rube Goldberg machine" networks cobbled together from multiple switches, routers, firewalls, overlays, cloud networks, VPNs, port forwards, and ad-hoc tunnels.

Here at ZeroTier we think most of this complexity amounts to a pile of work-arounds for the inflexibility of physical networks. As systems and organizations become more fluid, mobile, and interconnected, the simple local and wide area network paradigm of traditional LANs and WANs no longer reflects reality.

Today everything is wide area and everything is local... so we built that.

Our solution is to use software to abstract away the wires and the walls. Our core thesis is that VPN, SDN, SD-WAN, and application peer to peer networking are the same thing. A network virtualization platform that treats the entire world as a single data center can connect everything everywhere and in the process make dozens of networking acronyms obsolete.


Radical Transparency

Complexity is the enemy of security. Every new system or ad-hoc workaround not only costs time but increases the opportunity for oversights, backdoors, and vulnerabilities.

A single network virtualization system can be understood. It can be audited, hardened, simulated, and monitored. It can deliver the same advanced security features everywhere so your edge networks and remote workers are as secure as your cloud and your data center.

Radical Freedom

We think the Internet has become too monopolized and centralized and that users should be in control of their own data.

Among the many causes for this is the asymmetry in capability between servers in the cloud and devices at the edge. The cloud offers stable addressing and powerful software defined networking. Home and office networks by contrast haven't changed much since the late 1990s, and mobile devices lack any stable address where they can be reached.

ZeroTier began life as a project to help decentralize the Internet. It became an enterprise networking company when we realized that the problems preventing the development of next-generation decentralized applications and services were the same as those costing millions in lost time and productivity for businesses and institutions around the world.

Our origins in the Internet decentralization community will remain forever a part of ZeroTier's company DNA. We are open source and remain commited to privacy and freedom.


Orange County, California, USA

If you live or would like to live twenty minutes from the beach and if you're excited about making networking better and helping decentralize the Internet, check our AngelList jobs page to see if we're hiring.

Contact Information

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