Virtual Networks That Just Work

ZeroTier delivers VPN, SDN, and SD-WAN capabilities with a single system. Network almost any kind of device or application as if the entire planet is a single cloud region.

Impossible Ease of Use

ZeroTier takes minutes to install and configure for simple use cases. More advanced features like network rules, security monitoring, and private infrastructure are ready when you need them and can be deployed without interruption.

Fine Grained Control

Our rules engine gives you traditional packet filters plus an innovative system of device tags and capability based security. Implement fine grained micro-segmentation without exploding the size and complexity of your rules table.

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Global Security Awareness

ZeroTier allows security monitoring and traffic intercept just like an on-premise enterprise switch. Passively observe traffic out-of-band without impacting performance, or selectively and invisibly reroute it for mandatory filtering.

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Encryption and Authentication

All traffic between ZeroTier endpoints is encrypted end-to-end with 256-bit elliptic curve and authenticated symmetric encryption. The complexity of key exchange and certificate management is handled automatically. We don't have your keys.

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Direct Connectivity

ZeroTier is peer to peer for superior performance and scalability, lower latency, and reduced cost. Rules, capabilities, authentication, and monitoring are implemented as secure distributed algorithms built on public key cryptography.

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Networking Re-Imagined from First Principles

Software defined networking recognized the need for more flexible networks, but it only delivered on-premise. Mobile devices, remote workers, satellite offices, apps, and heterogeneous cloud deployments remain stuck in the 1990s.

Everything is connected. Everything is mobile. Reasoning from the premise that the world could be treated like a single data center, we built a virtual "smart switch" for the planet. ZeroTier delivers the power and flexibility of enterprise SDN and NFV in your office, the cloud, your pocket, or the coffee shop around the corner. It can even be built into apps and IoT devices.